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Big Ten (or Eleven) Battle
Filed 02.19.2010
Dino is a little confused - what to watch, what to watch. Football season is over, now the Olympics are on and it's time time to get ready for Big Ten basketball game of the week as Michigan State takes on Ohio State for first place bragging rights? On the other hand, Dino is an Ivy grad so he is holding out for a Cornell victory over Harvard on the 19th . . . go Big Red!
Jaxx New Beer Interview
When Platinum Jaxx throws an unveiling for a new beer they know how to do it.

Invite a reporter with a recorder and offer them some samples of beer for free. We found that it works everytime.
Branding Alaska Style
Wow - you thought that the cows had a tough life. Wait until you follow this photo essay by Leighann Seaman. Branding takes on a whole new meaning. 


Dining Game Takes off In Downtown

Rewards given to frequent diners in downtown Anchorage.

The Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. kicked off their new downtown dining event in Anchorage. The Downtown Dining Challenge consists of sixteen restaurants in the downtown area that have partnered to give diners rewards for eating out and supporting local restaurants.

Interested patrons can dine at any sixteen participating restaurants and receive a sticker for breakfast, lunch or diner entrée purchases. Once patrons fill their card with ten stickers from ten different restaurants, they win a $10 gift certificate to one of the restaurants. If contestants fill two cards, a $25 gift certificate is rewarded and if contestants fill out three cards, a $50 gift certificate is rewarded.

The grand prize for the Downtown Dining Challenge will go to the person who turns in the most game cards for a FREE one night stay at The Hotel Captain Cook and two opera tickets to The Power of Love. The second place prize of two opera tickets will go to the runner up.

Participating restaurants include The Anchor Pub, Crush, Dianne's Restaurant, Ginger, Glacier Brewhouse, Humpy's, Marx Bros. Café, McGinley’s Pub, Midnight Sun Café, Muse Café, Orso, Rumrunner's, Sack's Café, Simon & Seafort's, Jade Restaurant at The Sheraton and Snow City Café!

The Downtown Dining Challenge started on Thursday, February 11 and will run through the end of April. Contestants can pick up game cards at any participating restaurant. Completed game cards can be redeemed in person or by mail at Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. Participants can also visit here for more information on the program and participating restaurants.

The Downtown Dining Challenge is a collaborative project between the sixteen participating restaurants and Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. that is focused on rewarding people for eating out and supporting local businesses.