Solve Alaska's Fiscal Problem

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Compiled using data from "Building a Sustainable Future" issued by the Alaska Department of Revenue on 4 June 2015

Alcohol $.05/drink $20 million
Fisheries Increase by 50% $16 million
Mining Additional 3% of net $19 million
Motor fuel Highway rate increase from .08 to .16 cents $40 million
Tobacco Increase cigarettes from $2 to $3 $30 million
Health Care Provider 6% increase $59 million
Business License Tax 0.25% to 0.50% on sales $60 million

Income Tax Of federal liability + 10% of capital gains $655 million
School Tax $100 - $500 (SB97) $100 million
Sales Tax 3% $418 million
Property Tax 2.65 miles $280 million

Divident Cap Cap at $1200 $600 million
Roaylty Diversion Amount above 25% to General Fund $80 million

Minimum Tax Increase to 10% $500 million
Per-Barrel Credit Cut by 50% $300 million